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Godís instructions for the foundation of Jubilee were specific.  With a focus on the body of Christ, God charged us to go from coast to coast equipping ministries at any cost.  He said that this command was given to many others, but because of the politics in ministry, many had respect of churches and people.  ďSee the needs of my people and let them know that I have felt their pains and have heard their cries.  I am the God that healeth thee. Tell them they are so important to me that I sent my people from coast to coast to minister to them.  If they will hear them, they wonít leave like they came, in my Sonís name.Ē


Wow!  What a massive job.  Jubileeís team prays for Godís perfect will in this ministry.  These working people pack their bags, leave their families and jobs, with no strings attached.  Many of us pay for our travel and lodging and receive no compensation.  Our reward is your deliverance.


After seeing the results of the conferences, partners are coming together sowing their seeds.  Many of them are not able to travel with us, so they give financially to help others make the trip or aid with the expenses of the conference.  Their desire is for others to be as blessed as they were, and to have those of us who are not hindered attend these important conferences.  I must confess that sometimes it seems as if it is impossible to cover the expenses, but God makes a way where there seems to be no way.


Pray about becoming a partner with Jubilee today, for it is through your prayer and financial support that help us to continue with this work.  There is so much work to do in so little time.


Partner with Godís deliverance team, and be a part of the solution.

Donít hesitate, do it today!

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